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amardeep steel ibr pipe

Amardeep Steel Centre is a leading dealer, supplier, and manufacturer of pipes, tubes, plates, and fittings. In addition to manufacturing these products, Amardeep Steel Centre also exports their raw materials to global clients. Their most common products include IBR Pipe, Pressure Vessel, Reactor, and Tube-Bundles. In addition to these products, they also export their raw materials to the National Iranian Oil Refinery (NIOR).

Ensures That Its Products Meet The Highest Standards

As per the requirements of clients, Amardeep Steel IBR Pipe is produced in accordance with ASTM A312 standards. Its outstanding properties include excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, and good working ability. Additionally, the company also manufactures the product in a wide range of custom sizes and shapes. The company prides itself on offering the most advanced piping solutions for your specific application. IBR Pipe is a great choice for a variety of applications, including chemical-reactive applications.


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