BBQ Statistics: Which Cities Have the Most Barbecue Lovers?

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Whether it’s a sizzling steak or the delicious tang of ribs, barbeque has become a staple part of many diets and lifestyles around the world. The popularity of bbq has been on the rise since 2020, and this trend is expected to continue for years to come. It’s no wonder that BBQ is so popular—the combination of tasty food and spending time with family or friends makes it a perfect summer activity. Plus, grilling can also be done year-round! this article

How far should a BBQ be from a building?

According to HPBA’s State of the Barbecue Industry Report, more people than ever are firing up their grills. The number of grill owners who grilled at least once per week increased from 45% to 57% between 2021 and 2022. Summer is by far the most popular season to grill, with 84% of surveyed grillers saying they used their grill during this time. Spring and fall were a close second, with both seeing about 62% of grillers likely to cook out during these seasons. Even chilly temperatures didn’t stop grillers, with 27% saying they grilled at least once a week during the winter!

But some cities are more enthralled with the art of barbeque than others. To find out which, we ranked cities based on the average Google Trends score for 20 different barbecue-related terms. Kansas City takes the top spot, with a blazingly high score that shows its residents’ fascination with all things BBQ. Other noteworthy cities include St. Louis, which has a very respectable score, and San Antonio, which showcases its love for the smoked meats and sauces that make up this culinary delight.


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