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black grip socks

Black Grip Socks

Whether it’s to increase their foot’s grip inside the boot, reduce internal slippage, improve their comfort, or just make the game more fun, players are wearing grip socks for a wide range of reasons. Some have a commercial reason as manufacturers strike up sponsorship deals with them to get them to wear their products, while others are just gaining that extra bit of performance to put them ahead in the game.

Some of the most popular black grip socks | GAIN THE EDGE include Tapedesign, Stepzz, and GTE. Each of these brands offers a functioning pair of grip socks at an affordable price point.

The best of these is probably Tapedesign, which is the choice of professional players such as Rakitic and Griezmann. They use circular rubber elements to provide a true grip effect, while the comfort comes from their soft cottony material and thick padding.

Black Grip Socks: The Perfect Addition to Your Workout Gear

On the other hand, there are also cheaper options such as Gain the Edge, a UK based brand. These are not as good as some of the more premium pairs but are a great choice for anyone who is just starting out and can’t afford to spend too much money on a proper pair of grip socks.

Another popular option is NikeGrip. They have a similar concept to Trusox with a suede-like pad in and out of the socks that work to increase foot-to-boot traction while still delivering a comfortable fit. However, NikeGrips are thinner and less bulky than Trusox. This makes them suitable for snug boots where a lot of the other grip socks tend to bunch up.


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