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Buying Shrooms Online

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With regular news stories touting the benefits of psilocybin Hey Sero, curiosity about how to access the hallucinogen is rising. Many people are turning to online retailers, which offer a more convenient and secure way to procure the fungus than foraging or buying at local dispensaries. However, it’s important to be aware of potential pitfalls associated with purchasing psilocybin products from gray market online shroom stores.

Is mushrooms good for brain?

Some of the e-shops have fun names and labels that mimic legal pharmaceutical products, while others boast about their cultivation practices with photos and videos. While these efforts to legitimize their business could potentially help them avoid police raids, they could also put customers at risk by selling mushrooms that may be tainted or subpar.

For those who don’t have the time or resources to cultivate their own shrooms, some dealers are even offering e-cigarette kits that make it easy to puff on a bowl of mushroom-infused vape juice. This can be dangerous and lead to poisoning if done incorrectly. Additionally, it’s not a good idea to vape psilocybin in the same room as other drugs, such as cannabis or alcohol.

Stacey Gross, who runs a small e-shop in Seattle, explains that “selling mushrooms isn’t quite as hard as getting cannabis.” She says that while she has had some of her products confiscated by police, most of her revenue comes from users outside the US and Canada. As such, she’s careful to keep her prices low enough that people can afford to buy them if they aren’t already growing their own. She also donates a portion of proceeds to Decriminalize Nature, an organization that aims to push for the legalization of psychedelics.

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