CBD Topicals – The Most Distinctive and Convenient Way to Deliver CBD

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CBD topicals

CBD Topicals

Topical applications are the most discreet and convenient way to deliver CBD. CBD infused topical creams, balms and salves can be applied directly to the skin over the source of discomfort or pain. These products can provide surface level relief or penetrate into muscle tissue, depending on the product and the user’s individual ECS.

A great option for athletes, CBD topicals can be applied to the joints and muscles before and after workouts to assist with post-workout recovery. When used as directed, these products can create a super targeted form of pain relief, leaving you ready to tackle the next set. This link

CBD topicals can be found in a variety of formats, with lotions and creams leading the pack. According to CWI’s research, these accounted for 43% of all CBD topical SKUs. Other popular formats included CBD oils, salves, and roll-ons, each with their own unique benefits.

From Creams to Balms: Discovering the Versatility of CBD Topicals

When it comes to the ingredients of a CBD topical, most contain a combination of natural ingredients. This includes base oils like coconut, shea, and jojoba, along with menthol, essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus, and other flavorings. CWI found that the top non-CBD ingredient in a CBD topical is water.

CBD tinctures and isolate are the most common ingredients in a CBD topical, with full spectrum coming in at third, followed by hemp extract. However, the majority of CBD topicals surveyed did not specify their CBD content, and the term “other” was used to describe the remaining 15% of SKUs.


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