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Forklift Parts – When to Replace Them

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Forklift parts are engineered for heavy-duty use, and each one plays a vital role in keeping the equipment operating efficiently. Businesses that evaluate forklift parts regularly are better equipped to spot problems that could impact workplace safety.More info:https://risingforklift.com/

While many forklift components last for the life of the equipment, certain forklift parts are more likely to need replacement. This article explores the most common forklift parts and some clues to watch out for that indicate when it’s time to replace them.


The mast is vertical against the load end of the forklift carriage and is attached to the pulley system that raises and lowers the forks. Its attachments, hoses and pulleys are subject to wear and tear and can require replacement over the forklift’s lifetime.


The battery powers the electric motor that drives the forklift, enabling it to lift and maneuver loads. It’s essential to monitor the battery for signs of impending failure, such as sluggish operation and excessive smoke or heat. The battery also requires regular servicing to maintain optimum performance.


Forklift tires need to be replaced when they are bald or worn out, or if the operator notices unusual vibration or noise while the forklift is in motion. It’s also important to keep a spare tire on hand to avoid costly downtime due to unforeseen repairs or breakdowns.

Oil filters keep the engine clean by filtering out contaminants and particles that can cause excessive wear or prevent optimum performance. Ensure the forklift technician always uses the correct oil filters, and keep extras on hand in case your team misses an appointment or you experience an unexpected delay with a forklift service company.

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