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Whether your child is working out in a gym or at home, she needs the right gym clothes. Choose pants or shorts that allow her to move freely. Tight socks, for example, will slow down blood circulation. Loose socks, on the other hand, will cause distractions by sliding down her leg. Underwear is an essential item of gym clothing, as it absorbs sweat and keeps you from chafing. If you’re worried about chafing, try wearing light-weight sweat pants or baggy underwear.

What is a good place to buy workout clothes?

Gym clothes should be comfortable, and they should support the muscles you’re working out. Good gym clothes will regulate your body temperature and help you perform better. They’ll also absorb your sweat and keep you from chafing and blisters. Lastly, when you’re comfortable, you’ll be more energetic and motivated to work out.

Besides comfort and function, the right gym clothes should also be stylish. Girls’ T-shirts should have soft, ribbed collars, and gentle shaping on the sides. 100% cotton is ideal because it’s comfortable and won’t shrink in the washing machine. Choose basic colors for a uniform look and match your school’s colors if you want.

If you’re working out in cooler weather, you’ll want to invest in some base layers. These lightweight sweat-wicking clothes are perfect for running, cycling, and other activities. They also have mesh vents, which allow you to breathe and reduce the chance of injury.


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