How Much Are Vape Detectors Worth the Investment?

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how much are vape detectors

The cost of vape detectors varies according to the model you choose. However, if the health and safety of your students is important to you, the investment is well worth it. Vape detectors can help to reduce odors from vaporizers, prevent fires caused by malfunctioning lithium-ion batteries, and protect non-smokers from secondhand aerosol that can cause respiratory problems. They are also an excellent tool for monitoring student behavior and compliance with school policies regarding smoking and vaping.

Schools that have invested in vape detectors say they have been an effective deterrent to students trying to sneak around their vaping bans. Especially in bathrooms and closets where e-cigarettes are often used, it is extremely difficult to smoke with the sensors activated. The sensor technology is similar to the smoke detection devices that have been in use in schools for decades. More info

Comparing Vape Detector Prices: Finding the Best Value for Your Money

The difference is that these vapor detectors have been built with modern tech. They have internal sensors, are smart, and can be connected to the internet. They can be programmed to send notifications to the administrator or designated person. They can also be set up to alert if the battery is low or if the device has been tampered with.

MCPS, which is looking to purchase detectors from Halo, Triton, and Zeptive, said the devices will be installed in various rooms and common areas where vaping has been banned. The sensors can also monitor the temperature and humidity of the area, which is useful for preventing mold and mildew. Moreover, they can detect the presence of secondhand aerosol to warn non-smokers to stay away.


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