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How to Keep Your Email List Clean

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If you’re a email list clean , it’s no secret that having a clean email list improves your open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. It also helps you avoid paying for extra emails that aren’t needed, maintain a healthy sender reputation, and avoid those pesky spam complaints.

The key to a squeaky clean email list is a regular routine of email validation and list pruning. A routine that will vary depending on your email program and the size of your data. However, it’s generally best to prune inactive subscribers every six months.

Validating Cellphone Numbers: Verifying Subscriber Status

Inactive subscribers are those who have not opened your emails or clicked on links in a set period of time, such as three or more months. They may still be interested in your brand, but they haven’t demonstrated interest by opening or clicking, and this is a good indication that it’s time to clean your list.

Cleaning your email list removes bounced email addresses that never make it to your subscribers due to full inboxes, undeliverable addresses, or spam complaints. This is beneficial for your email marketing because it reduces spam complaints, which hurts your reputation and impacts email deliverability.

Email scrubbing also removes duplicate email addresses from your list, which is an ineffective way to communicate with your subscribers and can lead to poor engagement metrics. This email list cleaning service will also identify and flag spam traps and toxic domains, and catch-all addresses that are known to cause problems with email software.

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