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Matt levine is a columnist for Bloomberg News. He has a background in law, investment banking, and writing for financial websites. He has been writing for Bloomberg since 2007. He has an interest in the intersection of economics and law, and is often quoted as one of the most knowledgeable financial writers on the market.

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In college, Levine wrote his first footnoted email. He was studying journalism, and his professor, Elie Mystal, placed a lot of importance on footnotes. He said that footnotes are the only way to convey a great deal of information in a small amount of space.

Levine is a frequent speaker at conferences and is often asked to speak on business topics. His work has been featured on television and in major magazines. He has also presented at major conferences, including those for professional sports leagues, the Thoroughbred racing Association, and graduate schools of business across the country. He blends historical trends with modern realities and integrates these into his work.

Before joining Longpoint, Levine worked as a Partner at EQT Partners, a private equity firm with EUR46 billion in assets under management. He served on the Investment Committee of the EQT US Mid Market Fund. His responsibilities included overseeing a $700 million fund. He also developed a go-market strategy for the firm and built relationships with executives and investors. His interests include investing in long-term sustainable businesses. Some of his notable investments include Dorner, Innovyze, and FocusVision.


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