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The new MLA 9 adds clarity, guidance and expansion to an overhauled system of core elements for Works Cited. It also focuses more on emerging sources, including digital ones. URL timeout.com

MLA 9, which is the ninth  edition of the manual, includes updates to spelling, punctuation and capitalization as well as expanded coverage on incorporating titles of books and magazines into a citation. It also offers more guidance on formatting tables and illustrations and on using slashes, hyphens, colons, parentheses and dashes. It also provides a deeper dive into in-text citations and reintroduces MLA’s guidance on research papers, which were absent from the previous edition.

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MLA 9 expands upon the definition of an author, ensuring that any author who appears in the work is listed, as well as any organization or publisher with which the author has a relationship. This allows for more consistency in citing sources. It also provides more clarification on defining types of sources, such as notes, websites and blogs. MLA 9 also offers more examples of how to use these sources in a citation and explains when to include quotation marks around the title of a source, and when to insert a URL into a Works Cited entry.

Christie Lohr founded Style Nine to Five after experiencing the frustration of sifting through unqualified resumes on generic job sites like Workopolis and Craigslist. It’s a one-stop shop that connects fashion employers with fashion candidates. Employers can advertise full-time, part-time and intern positions for thirty days and then search a database of pre-screened, fashion-forward resumes. Confidentiality is important to Christie and she and her team are dedicated to keeping their client and candidate information confidential.

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