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net branches mortgages

One option for lenders considering net branch mortgages is to rent out a license to a different mortgage company. For example, a branch manager might decide to start originating FHA loans. He or she would seek out a mortgage banker licensed by the HUD. The branch would then become a “net branch,” a separate entity, with all branch assets held in the manager’s name. The manager would then be paid from the net bottom line of the parent company after fees.

Might Be A Good Choice For You

One major benefit of converting your broker shop into a mortgage net branch is the minimal startup costs. While many loan officers have a one-man mortgage broker business, others have five or more employees. Mortgage branch costs are covered by the parent mortgage company and are deductible from future earnings. However, this model is not for everyone. If you want to get into the mortgage business, it is important to learn as much as you can about the process.

Mortgage net branch arrangements vary greatly, with many terms and conditions outlined in the contract. These arrangements allow a larger mortgage company to expand its geographical footprint without leasing or hiring new locations, training new employees, and marketing in new territories. The smaller lender already has the tools necessary to operate independently and can enjoy a higher volume of business in the area because the larger company is recognized in the local community. This is an important benefit for both parties.


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