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Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon

Bringing together the Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon deep understanding of people and natural ability to read them and the Taurus Moon’s love of possessions and stability, these individuals are passionate in relationships but also possess a firm sense of commitment. Their cool headed judging approach makes them natural leaders and self assured individuals who are comfortable taking control of the captain’s seat.

In work, they are shrewd and have a great deal of common sense; their strong desire for security and resources make them reliable workers and trustworthy employers. They are often curious about life’s mysteries and may have a passion for sorcery, alchemy or something occult. This combined with their powerful imagination and breadth of vision helps them to accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

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Once in a committed relationship, they will not take betrayal lightly and can be quite brutal in the way they handle those who have wronged them. They will hold grudges for a long time and have no problem cutting off those who have betrayed them.

While these characteristics are not necessarily negative, they can become a hindrance to their success if they do not learn to be more objective and not bring their personal bias into every judgment they make. With practice, they can overcome these weaknesses and achieve their full potential. The good news is that they have the courage to face their fears and are often brave enough to try new things and experiment with life.


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