Ufhyperloop Blog The Real World by Andrew Tate – Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

The Real World by Andrew Tate – Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

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A rogue influencer who is facing criminal charges of sex trafficking in Romania has gathered millions of followers online with a programme that promises to teach them how to make money online. But is The Real World, created by Andrew Tate, legit or a pyramid scheme?

Decoding “The Real World”: Andrew Tate’s Perspectives Explored

According to the program’s website, The Real World provides “practical and step-by-step training” on multiple business models. The platform teaches its members how to earn income through affiliate marketing, where they promote courses that they are paid a percentage of for every successful signup. The Real World also offers a mentorship programme where students are taught by experts who have already built multi-million dollar businesses.

However, critics say the entire programme has all the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme. Beeston claims that new members are encouraged to make fake Tiktok accounts in order to post videos promoting the course, which then redirects viewers to the The Real World website. This content is regularly shared on Tiktok and YouTube, where it has been viewed over a billion times.

But despite a number of tech companies banning him in 2022 due to his dangerous and misogynistic messages, Tate continues to operate on the platforms. And this, says Nathan Pope, is enabling his organisation to continue drawing in young men from all over the world.

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