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What to Look For in an Electric Desk

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If you are looking for a desk that changes height with the push of a button then an electric riser desk is what you are after. These are generally a bit more expensive than their hand crank counterparts but they are well worth the extra money. They are more stable and can handle a lot more weight than their manual counterparts. In addition they are much faster when it comes to lifting and lowering. You should look for a company that puts their electric standing desks through rigorous testing to ensure the motors do not overwork themselves making it prone to breakdown or overheating. Look for a cycle test in which the scrivania elettrica  is raised and lowered up to twenty thousand times simulating everyday use for five years.

What does an electric desk do?

One feature that sets electric desks apart from their manual counterparts is that they can often be programmed to remember multiple height settings for both seated and standing positions. This can be a huge help in saving time and avoiding unnecessary readjusting throughout the day. They also allow for greater adjustability in the work surface area of the desk which can be a major benefit for ergonomics.

Another thing to look for in an electric desk is how quiet the motor operates. Ideally the noise level should be close to what is heard during normal conversation and will go unnoticed in an office setting. Some cheaply made models can make a lot of noise during operation which may be distracting or annoying to other workers.

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